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Amon Tobin’s life and work has produced some of the most important, era-deining records of his time. Continuously setting the pace of sonic exploration and musical adventurism that has helped shape much of what has come since. A series of works under different aliases are now being unveiled on the Nomark label. "How does that cat do it?! keep pushing his sounds further out... i love his shit" Flying Lotus "Amon tobin was one of the reasons I signed to ninja back in the day. He's incepted from the drum n bass scene but became so much more.. " Diplo ‘He opened my ears to a whole world of electronic music I didn't know existed. Definitely one of my biggest inspirations too!’ -Rezz 'like a soundtrack to a psychedelic fable!' -G Jones "Amon is truly unique, one of the all time brightest stars in the electronic world." Mike Patton "Amon is undoubtedly one of electronic music's greatest wizards." Lorn
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