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Cover art for Allan Kingdom's song: Yebo Life ft. Tika

Yebo Life ft. Tika

Allan Kingdom


Yebo means “Yes” in the South African language of Zulu. Yebo Life is also the name of Allan Kingdom’s non-for-profit organization. “Yebo” is also a word you’ll hear across the continent of Africa when the community gets lit! The song was produced by Blk Orchid, & written by Allan Kingdom and TiKA. The song was mixed, engineered, and mastered by Allan Kingdom. The artwork was also created by Allan Kingdom. The inspiration for the artwork is a play on the American Gothic classic painting. The intention was to show what taking up space can look like for Black Folk in art. Although a parody, the picture is a powerful reminder that we are all Kings and Queens. Hence the importance of the Nefertiti Chain on TiKA and the Chain of the continent of Africa on Allan. With Blk Orchid's being of Jamaican descent, and TiKA’s being of Trinidadian and Jamaican descent, this collaboration is an amalgamation of the unification of the diaspora. Allan Kingdom being of South African/Tanzanian descent was deeply inspired to give back to his community and members of the diaspora. His mother being his influence, built wells for her home village in the Serengeti once she was able to give back. Allan is honored to be able to carry the torch, and use his notoriety to donate thousands of pounds of goods every year starting in his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. In life, we hear more no’s than yes’s which amplifies the importance of the song and the organization! Say yes to a life of love, health, and prosperity.

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January 19, 2022
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