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Cover art for Allan Kingdom's song: Soul Talk w/ Siimbiie Lakew

Soul Talk w/ Siimbiie Lakew

Allan Kingdom


Just a week ago, Siimbiie Lakew was on boarded onto web3 by Allan Kingdom. He sold out his first collection in under 24 hours. As brothers, collaborators, and artistic pioneers... both of the artists led a tear jerking twitter space centered on black mental health, vulnerability, and overcoming trauma. It was only right for both icons to keep the vibe going in music form over an Allan Kingdom produced track. "Soul Talk" is not only the name of a song but a movement. The first "Soul Talk" event will take place in St. Paul, Minnesota. The "Soul Talk" series will be an intimate and exclusive event centered around these same topics, with a performance and digital art exhibition as well. Think tiny desk, meets web3, meets a therapeutic experience. "Soul Talk" is not just the name of a song, but a way of thinking and a methodology of interaction with intentionality. This is not a place for small talk, but for soul talk.

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February 8, 2022
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