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Cover art for Allan Kingdom's song: Di Gyal Dem Song

Di Gyal Dem Song

Allan Kingdom


(Clears throat) Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to introduce TyBass to web3! He's a founding member of NXGN CBNT a collective of creatives based in New York— with in house original music, production, multi media and art, mostly known our work with MeLoX and impact in the underground NYC music scene. A major source of his inspiration for his music is his Caribbean background and experience coming up in New York the foundation of Hip Hop. With my parents being of Tanzanian and South African descent, we found a lot of commonalities in our upbringing and musical tastes. "Di Gyal Dem Song is one of several tracks my BrØdy AK and I made during his stay in NYC. This is the first time it's ever being heard. Within a span of a couple days we hit multiple sessions and naturally created a EP’s worth of chunes. This drop is special to me because it captures the natural musical energy AK and I share complimented by Mutaal’s original production & engineering." - TyBass

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March 23, 2022
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