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Cover art for Allan Kingdom's song: 2nd Round

2nd Round

Allan Kingdom


"2nd Round" is the second single off 3x grammy-nominated artist Allan Kingdom's upcoming album "ME". this nft is deep cultural history in the making, at the nexus of hip-hop and crypto. "GM! Honestly I woke up a few weeks ago and the beat was just playing in my head and I had all the lyrics and recorded it in like 30 minutes... The lyrics just came to me in that time." - Kingdom the exclusive 1/1 NFT of "2nd Round" introduces Kingdom's avatars / spirits to the web3 metaverse in the form of musical alter-egos with distinct digital footprints: Peanut Butter Prince, King Kyariga, Northern Gentleman, and finally Allan Kingdom, the Mogul, Living the Yebo Life. partially funded by 50x gains off shiba inu, as referenced in the song lyrics, Allan Kingdom has a hodler's mentality, and a rabid support base. the owner of the "2nd Round" nft will gain first access to future bonus material, potential airdrops, passes to virtual shows, and more. it pays to be a hodler. *prod. by @coastyn **curated by future modern ***partial proceeds from this nft will go towards Kingdom's non-profit, Yebo Life. 'Yebo' means yes in Zulu and slang throughout Africa. Kingdom's parents both hail from African nations, and the name itself reflects his belief in optimism and positive-sum goals. ****mp3 and mp4 sold separately

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November 12, 2021
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