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Cover art for Alex Paul's song: Otro Ambiente

Otro Ambiente

Alex Paul


‘’Otro Ambiente’’ is a reggaetón song that I created by combining a reggaetón drums with an electric guitar. With this music project I want to connect, collaborate and share streaming royalties and some special extras with the collector. I really enjoyed creating this song, I hope you enjoy it too! COLLECTOR REWARDS: - Streaming Royalties(15%): The first collector will be added to the streaming royalties split-sheet to collect revenues during one year. - Access to my music catalog 
Get access to a token gated page to download the audio file of Otro Ambiente and more songs. - Special Shout-outs A special mention on the credits of my next music drop. - Unique 1/1 Artwork An Airdrop with a unique artwork. SONG METADATA: Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Paul. Recorded at Noise Agency Studios. Cover Art by Alex Paul. ISRC code: QZWDE2245803

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December 16, 2022
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