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Cover art for Alex Paul's song: Me Ghostea

Me Ghostea

Alex Paul


''Me Ghostea'' It’s my pilot project using the streaming royalties share feature. With this project I want to connect and collaborate with the collector to see how far we can go with this song and sharing streaming royalties revenues. also i include many extras and rewards for the collector and the bidders. ROYALTIES SYSTEM: 0.05 ETH = 5% streaming royalties during one year Make your offer based on this data. The first collector can own a maximum amount of 50% streaming royalties; If the offer gets higher than 0.5 ETH, the percentage of royalties will remain at 50% but the split sheet duration will be extended according the bid. For example: 0.75 ETH = 50% streaming royalties during 1 year and 6 months. The Bid begin with 0.05 ETH. Let's make a Deal! COLLECTOR REWARDS: - Streaming Royalties: Get into the streaming royalties split-sheet and let’s share revenues. - Custom Ghost Obtain a custom version of the ghost used in the cover art. You choose the characteristics, attributes and accessories. - Unique 1/1 Artwork Airdrop: A unique artwork with your custom ghost. - Custom Ghost 3D Object Download the 3d model of your ghost compatible with 3d modeling & design softwares. Also can be used it in the metaverse. - Special Shout-outs A special mention on my next single. - HQ Audio File: Me Ghostea.wav (16bit / 44100Khz) BIDDER REWARDS: - Me ghostea Special Artwork Airdrop - Me ghostea MP3 file - Early access to my next drops SONG METADATA Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Paul. Recorded at Noise Agency Studios. Cover Art by Alex Paul.

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September 10, 2022
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