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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: Soothe Our Souls (S.O.S.) 432Hz

Soothe Our Souls (S.O.S.) 432Hz

Ahmed Sirour


As the title clearly conveys, this is a song I created for the purpose of easing the mind, calming the soul, and basically removing as much stress as possible from the day to day madness many of us experience in life at times. The additional aspect of tuning the song to the frequency of 432Hz, which is said to resonate with this planet's own frequency, was also deliberately done to amplify the positive vibrations, especially if one wishes to meditate to this. However, it's not so much new age as it was just taking a melodic idea that I created, on the spot, when I was feeling stressed and low and started to build a song to feel better and more relaxed, and then as it started to work, I just kept adding more elements to it that felt soothing. The drums were the foundation because I wanted something rhythmic but light, so there's emphasis on the brushes, with it's ASMR kind of light touches across the cymbals, the snare, and soft crashes. Then the bass line I created that was both the bottom but also had its own incognito solos that you'd hardly notice during the song. Then the warm pad to fill in the spaces of the song like harmonious atmosphere and the electric piano solo that came in for a moment then reverted back to chords layered above the pad and bass. If by the end of the song you're feeling at peace and feel somewhat better than you did than before you pressed "play" then it did what it was supposed to do. In the world we live in and the crazy things happening day to day, a song like this is needed–soothing, soulful sound therapy.

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August 23, 2023
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