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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: Lovely Day (AS tribute remix) [instrumental]

Lovely Day (AS tribute remix) [instrumental]

Ahmed Sirour


I created this original instrumental arrangement around the vocals from the iconic "Lovely Day" (which was written and sung by the legendary Bill Withers), as a tribute to one of my favorite artists/composers of all-time, who transitioned from this life on March 30th, 2020. The interesting thing was that I had had this arrangement in my mind for roughly 20 years, because I had seen a GAP clothing commercial that came out in 1999, and it used that remixed version of that song, which I really liked, although it was essentially just a Hip Hop drumbeat added to a slightly sped up version of the original. However, my mind tried to improve the idea and slowly started to change the arrangement into something completely different that still complimented Bill's vocals but turned it into a House dance version with a funkier vibe that still felt joyous and happy to honor the spirit of the original, as well as the life of the man who made it. The reason I took so long to make it was that, as a self-taught musician, my skill level hadn't yet reached where my mind was imagining how it should sound. As my skills exponentially increased over time, I had not really seriously thought about my arrangement of that song until Bill's passing triggered that memory of it, and out of love for his artistry and legacy, I lovingly worked on it to finally bring that idea into fruition, in tribute of a great artist and human being. Since its 2020 release, it's been heard around the world, played by many international DJs, in the club, on the radio, or live-streamed (especially when it debuted during the pandemic and all the world tuned in to various online DJ sets while quarantined at home). This is one of my most favorite remixes I've ever created, and it's a pleasure to finally mint it to add to the Catalog.

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December 9, 2023
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