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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: I Will Make It (Healing House Music remix)

I Will Make It (Healing House Music remix)

Ahmed Sirour


This is a remix of an original song that I released last year on my b'earthday, on the 22022022 album, called “I Will Make It”. The original was kinda like if Bobby McFerrin (the famous acapella vocalist of "Don't Worry Be Happy" fame) made a dance track, since I did the main verses, ad-libs, the background vocals on the hook/chorus, the bass line, and even the rhythm guitar riff all just with my voice. The reason why I chose to make a remix of this particular song, at this moment in time, was because the positive lyrics of it came back to my mind, and that usually happens when I’m in need of motivation, and songs with inspirational words come to my mind and tend to help me through things right when I need them the most; only in this case, the words were my own. And I call this version the “Healing House Music remix” as I gave this song a more harmonic and melodic arrangement than the original one had, which was more minimalist; I even included some sounds near the end that are purposely soothing to ease the mind & soul, but still strong enough to deliver a driving soulful/deep house beat to keep people moving on the dance floor, whether that be in the club or a room in their home or wherever they might happen to listen to it. This one is has already started to create buzz and it's only just dropped one day ago, at the time of this pressing, and will be a great addition for a solid collection and collector of quality music–especially for the electronic/dance genre.

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September 8, 2023
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