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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: I Believe in You & Me (in tribute)

I Believe in You & Me (in tribute)

Ahmed Sirour


I could write a much longer description, but in short, this was inspired by the transitioned of the great Whitney Houston, on the night that it happened back in February of 2012. All I can say is that I felt immense sadness and after quickly teaching myself the chord progressions, I pressed record and did this all in one take. I must have certainly captured the sadness I felt when I recorded it because a number of people who heard it, over the years, told me that it made them shed a tear. Music is powerful, most certainly spiritual, so it must be created carefully and with proper intention. I hope Ms. Houston would have been moved by this simple but heartfelt rendition. 🙏🏾

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February 21, 2024
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