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Cover art for Ahmed Sirour's song: Funky Introduction

Funky Introduction

Ahmed Sirour


In the Summer of 2016, I had just completed a project called 'thEARapy', which was a slow and relaxing EP that fused sounds of nature with my own original music, but towards the late Autumn, nearing Winter, part of the year, I decided to go in the other direction, beat-wise, and decided to do an all-original House music project exploring my various takes of the genre and electronic dance music, in general. This track, as it says in the title, is the introduction track of the album and gives the listener a brief oral history about the origins of the genre, which had architects from both the Chicago and New York areas who created the blueprint of a music phenomena that would go further than its predecessor, Disco, had and ever would go, and spawn almost countless sub-genres of it. My original music that scores these stories builds the music bit by bit, instrument by instrument, to crescendo into the energy and vibe of a House track fused with a funky/soulful vibe, celebrating one of the best creations to come out of the Black music pantheon. It's like the old Akan word from ancient Ghana called "Sankofa", which is a symbol and reminder that you can't know where you are or where you are going until you first know where you came from, and that's the message behind the groove of this track!

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