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The Lecture



"The Lecture" is the result of a class assignment I had back in 2010 to record and mix a track featuring primarily "found sounds", field recordings, anything recorded on a Zoom H2 portable stereo recorder. And since I was ripe for a challenge barely 2-3 years into making beats at the time, I went crazy recording myself to make the perfect beatbox sounds to create the backbone of one of my favorite compositions to date. I dug this one out of the now-famous (and private) AbJonian Vault recently looking for sounds to splice up for my recent release, the "AbJonian Vault Selections", and decided to mix it down to share on-chain. My favorite part of this recording, however, are the vocals, my very first time putting them to print ever, where the lyrics say and repeat over and over: "Tell me what you want Tell me what you see I ain't tryna front I got what you need Tell me what you want Tell me what you see I ain't tryna front I'm just tryna be"... It was my attempt to convey my idea of the duality of being confident in one's self and the ability to deliver, while also desiring to just "be", outside of all the ongoings of purpose and the need to do anything else but. I hope that this song resonates with you, the collector, the listener, the way it has for me since I've made it; a reminder from my past self not to forget myself and who I am before anything else in life...

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March 7, 2023
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