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Cover art for AbJo's song: outro gang ("the goodfoot cafe")

outro gang ("the goodfoot cafe")



"the goodfoot cafe" is the title of the next full-length record I am currently in the middle of recording for, and it will be my first album I plan to tour on, as well as break (back) into the live musical performance corner of my artistry. If you didn't know already, I am classically trained, disciplined in 2 different stringed instruments (violin, viola), have professionally sessioned and played keys and drums/percussion in bands and orchestras since I was 15 years old. I grew up not just listening to great and all kinds of music, but playing, writing/composing and bandleading, even across the country before "AbJo" was a thing, something I'm pretty proud of, and is a huge part of who I am as a music artist and producer, as well as just who I actually am. This track is an original idea that kinda instrumentally sums up the vibe of this record. With a little help from the homie Alex Dyring on the bass riffing alongside me as I play the keys here, "the goodfoot cafe" is at its heart, a big jam sesh, albeit more organized and with the intent of driving a narrative, and this track is the soul of this idea. With this piece, whomsoever holds it will be one of very few who I will give all access to every show date I play "the goodfoot cafe" at, acting as a backstage pass I will make official at every venue as a valid ticket, as well as the whole tour package curated from me personally: a signed physical copy of the record, a single piece of each merch item I sell for release of the record and from on tour, a social media post/photo-op with me, co-signed by me publicly and personally, and more. There will be more exclusive drops associated with this record where I'll hook collectors up with exclusive content, but this is a rare 1/1 teaser of the album at large that you literally won't be able to find anywhere else. Thank you in advance to the initial collector, either for believing in my art enough to support me in this way, or for truly appreciating the value of my music and this track enough to bet on it and me to continue reciprocating it right back with more jams from me 🙏🏽...

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April 7, 2022
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