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Cover art for AbJo's song: elegba.




originally track 4 of "dance like no one else exists", a short dance music project/EP I started working on in 2020. this is unfinished, unmastered, in all its raw glory, a tap into the soundtrack playing in my mind when I wanna turn off the world and dance like no one else exists. like the other three previous releases on-chain from the project, I'll send the whole EP in its entirety, plus versions that have not been released yet to the public to the initial collector. "elegba" is not only my favorite orisha, or the "trickster" orisha known to some as "papa elegba" or "eleggua" in voodoo or santeria, but also in the abstract as a gateway into the other worlds and dimensions in existence, messenger also to the gods at large. in this way, my track is an aural, rhythmic gateway into my "otherworld", where I gather a lot of my inspiration and spark to create...

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March 16, 2022
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