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Cover art for AbJo's song: Departures




Another one I want to dedicate to my "pops", this is as raw and vulnerable as maybe anyone has gotten from me ever before. This is a riff I decided to take on my homie's upright in Washington while I was recording the album I'm working on right now ("the goodfoot cafe"), in homage to two of both my father and I's favorite musicians, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. In my music, I make it clear that I ask questions way, way more than I look for answers. Answers fascinate me, but questions are what make life, and certainly also music, much more interesting than it would without them. The very vitality of music and our relationship with it is that it never really ends, that there's always a quest we must take with ourselves, even after the last note of a song plays. And I make a point not to end any of my songs in complete resolution, so that the proverbial, life long musical quest of mine goes on. I'll take whatever bid finishes out this auction, this one is for the spirit, computationally bound or not, and thank you again whoever appreciates my offering to it enough to collect it for themselves...

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April 29, 2022
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