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Cover art for AbJo's song: about you.

about you.



this one is sentimental for me. my father wasn't my idol or my hero, so much as he was my mentor, my guide, a true role model for me who I had the utmost respect for more than maybe any other man I've ever known. he and his love for music, as well as his vast collection of music, from his digital library to the stacks and stacks of vinyl, cd's and tapes that i've perused and certainly abused over time, are the source of my musical background, the source of my musical inspiration, my musical dna if you will. without him, more than anyone else, "abjo" does not exist. if he were here today, this track definitely would've been his favorite to-date, and i imagine he knows i've embedded him into this soundpiece as a part of its dna, or else it would not have come out right. so, this one is dedicated to him, but it's truly dedicated to, like him, my diehard fans who have gone out of their way to show their support of me, who know the true nature of my signature sound that permeates the vibe of this track...

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April 23, 2022
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