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Cover art for 1RSH4D's song: Fall In (2021)

Fall In (2021)



Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Nast. Go to Or all social media @APNSound Co-produced by Cristian Lopez Follow on Ig and twitter: @cristianlkeys Produced and arranged by 1RSH4D Lyrics by 1RSH4D Follow twitter @1RSH_4D and instagram @1rsh_4d This was a song I created for my first self-produced EP in 2017. I self produced 6 of the tracks. And the 7th is a remix submitted by a friend. 
I titled the EP Sky Reach. It’s was a concept album lyrically speaking. The original is available on Bandcamp. The 6th Track on this EP was a latin inspired arrangement I made. I always felt that I could do more with that.
 So I hired a co-producer and got him to re-play everything in September 2021. He added his own parts too.

 The artwork was designed with a wedding in mind. In Sri Lanka (where I live) there is a really healthy wedding culture. And so I figured it would be cool to try to make something that draws from that imagery. The lyrics were written in 2017 at a time when I was bored with music. Self-producing an EP was my attempt at alleviating the boredom, even though I had very limited experience with production. In the lyrics I recall the times back in the day when I had fallen in love with music to the point where I would park my car under street lights and write to beats. But then as I wrote the song the lyrics unfolded as a romance with the Muse.

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