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Cover art for 0x-Jitzu's song: Floating Cluster

Floating Cluster



FLOATING CLUSTER is a 1/1 dancefloor-oriented track that outlines a sidereal matter in artistic terms. The title refers to a globular cluster that floating in the depth space. The shimmer of ambient sounds evokes the moment just before a wave storm while the retro bassline and breaked beat foreshadow sudden jolts. The wind blows like a lead-synth and the waves come and go inviting to move. The owner of FLOATING CLUSTER will have full creative control over the track and will be granted full rights to: - reproduce, - commercialize, - monetize, - edit, - remix, - add vocals or other instruments, - rename, the track called FLOATING CLUSTER. The owner of FLOATING CLIUSTER will receive: - Master (.wav 16bit / 44100Khz) - Mix (premaster .wav 32bit / 48000Khz) - Stems (all parts .wav 32bit / 48000Khz) - Ableton Live project file (.als)

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December 5, 2021
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