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Cover art for wilter's song: coming home

coming home



~of course~ I will have my genesis piece be the closer from the 'all this leaving' EP Every song on ‘all this leaving’ was written in and plotted the depths of the worst period of depression and realignment in my life. Each song was a milestone and a marker on the spectrum of different feelings and ways I was coping. The idea that this EP mapped my descent and ascent out of a period of depression seems so obvious now but while it was being made I was drowning too deep to recognize it. Each song was a message in a bottle sent to my later self. Maybe they were calls for help. Maybe it was just pure catharsis. But now I’m on the beach picking them up and uncorking what they truly represent. coming home is different than the rest of the songs on the ep though. It's the opposite of leaving. Bob Dylan always described songwriting as “finding his way back home”. This song is me finding my way home and grounding myself through the music itself.

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June 16, 2022
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